Maynard James Keenan covered Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ with his band Puscifer. Watch.




    1. awareness, realisation, or knowledge; notice; perception.

    2. Law: a) judicial notice as taken by a court in dealing with a cause. b) the right of taking jurisdiction, as possessed by a court. c) acknowledgment; admission, as a plea admitting the fact alleged in the declaration.

    3. the range or scope of knowledge, observation, etc.

    4. Heraldry: a device by which a person or a person’s servants or property can be recognised; badge.

    Etymology: Middle English conisa(u)nce < Middle French con(o)is(s)ance, equivalent to conois(tre) - to know < Latin cognōscere; see cognition.


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    You don’t know how difficult it gets to animate when it feels like its a billion degrees inside. Dang it’s hot! Here is a thank you gift to Huong for her lovely birthday gift she gave me recently.

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    what im tryna do

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    St. Mary’s Blues

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    Me at parties

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    Gel pen on black card.

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